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KFS to present a paper at the upcoming ICRC Conference


The 2017 International Chemical Recovery Conference (ICRC) is being held in Halifax, NS, Canada on 25-27 May; an event is held every 3 years. KFS will be presenting a paper co-authored with Prof Honghi Tran, recipient of the prestigious TAPPI Gunner Nicolson Award in April, under the Abstract:


“Operational issues on rotary kilns are often challenging to diagnose due to lack of reliable measurements and lack of detailed understanding of what exactly is going on inside the kiln.


Combustion and heat transfer can be modelled to provide a more accurate understanding of potential impacts on the flame stability and flame profile within the kiln. The two techniques primarily used are physical modelling and computational fluid dynamics (CFD) modelling, both of which have been developed and enhanced in recent years. Physical modelling uses geometrically accurate scaled models provide detailed assessment of air flow patterns and the combustion envelope to assess the impact of imbalanced aerodynamics. Being a dynamic simulation variations and fluctuations in real time can be observed and interpreted.


CFD modelling in rotary kilns has become more widespread over the last decade with the exponential increase in computing power and improved software capabilities. CFD can model various scenarios under realistic operating conditions and gives greater insight into the combustion process and radiative heat transfer between the hot gas and material bed.


This paper describes how each of the two modelling techniques have been used to resolve practical operating problems on lime kilns.”


Please look to join us at this world renowned conference.

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