Best answer: How can you tell a Jet from coal?

How do you know if a jet is real?

True jet will either float or sink very slowly, in water. Jet does not fade over time. Gently rub an inconspicuous part of the object across some unglazed pottery or stone; true jet produces a brown/black streak. Genuine Whitby Jet produces static electricity, when rubbed briskly.

Is Whitby jet coal?

Jet is a gemstone made from decaying wood under extreme pressure. It’s a type of coal-substance that washes up on the beaches of Whitby that’s approximately 182 million years old.

Is jet jewellery valuable?

These beautiful, historic pieces are highly valuable as they tell a unique story of the gemstone journey. Our antique collection range from a couple of hundred pounds to a few thousand and are aimed at those who share our excitement for Jet and it’s past.

Are jet beads valuable?

Jet is a velvety black-colored gemstone that is a type of lignite. … Today, jet is valued for its beautiful luster, and is seen alongside even the most expensive of gems in jewelry, including diamonds.

What does Jet feel like?

Jet is surprisingly light weight in the hand, whereas French jet glass will always feel heavier. This is because natural jet is fossilized wood, after all. Jet takes on a soft sheen, almost a glow when polished. French jet glass takes on a high polish with a mirror-like reflection.

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Can you find Whitby Jet on the beach?

Although Jet can be found worldwide, the finest quality Jet is found in seams of shale along the Whitby coastline. It can be found in the exposed cliffs along the coast and also on the beaches and in amongst the foreshore rocks.

Is jet the same as Onyx?

Four Differences. Test 1: They’re total opposites! One of the most loved traits of Whitby Jet is its weightlessness. … However, onyx is pretty heavy in comparison and therefore, if the stone or piece of jewellery you are holding is weighty it is Onyx rather than Jet.

What is Jet crystal good for?

Jet helps to draw out negative energy and unreasonable fears. It promotes control of life, fights mood swings and depression. … Jet crystal aligns the Root Chakra and stimulates Kundalini awakening. When placed upon the areas of the upper body, Jet will assist to enable the Kundalini energy to move towards the Crown.

Why is jet found in Whitby?

Whitby jet was formed during the Jurassic era. Cataclysmic weather events caused flash flooding which resulted in devastation of the environment and swept large amounts of debris including the Araucaria trees into the sea. These trees became waterlogged and sunk into the thick sedimentary mud on the sea bed.

How is Whitby jet formed?


Different to many other gemstones, Whitby Jet is formed organically from a fossilized wood, similar to our present day Monkey Puzzle or Araucaria Tree, under extreme pressure and compressed over millions of years. The colour of Whitby Jet is unique.

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