Best answer: What does Alberta do with its coal?

What is coal in Alberta used for?

By the 1960s, however, oil and natural gas mostly replaced coal as Alberta’s primary sources of energy. Today, Alberta continues to use coal to generate electricity and export it to other countries where it is used to produce power and steel.

How does coal help Alberta make money?

The coal industry is essential to Alberta as a catalyst for economic development, creator of employment for thousands of people (particularly in rural areas), and financial contributor to government social programs through tax and royalty payments.

Does Alberta still use coal?

Alberta set to retire coal power by 2023, ahead of 2030 provincial deadline. … In 2014, 55 per cent of Alberta’s electricity was produced from 18 coal-fired generators. The Alberta government announced in 2015 it would eliminate emissions from coal power generation by 2030.

Is coal still mined in Alberta?

According to the Coal Association of Canada, there are 24 permitted coal mines throughout Canada, 19 of which currently operate.


Coal rank Bituminous
Location Hinton
Owner/Operator Bighorn Mining Ltd.
Main use Export: thermal

How much money does Alberta make from coal?

In 2020, the Alberta government collected $14.3 million in royalties from coal (this does not include freehold production of coal). Royalties vary annually depending on the coal price. In the last five years, royalties have ranged between $8 million and $23 million per year.

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Does Canada still mine coal?

Canada is home to 24 permitted coal mines – 19 of which are currently in operation. More than 90% of Canada’s coal deposits are located in western provinces, in British Columbia, Alberta and Saskatchewan.

Who owns the coal mines in Alberta?

Coal mines in Alberta

Mine Coal rank Owner/Operator
Dodds Subbituminous Dodd’s Coal Mining Company Ltd.
Genesee Subbituminous Capital Power LP / Westmoreland Coal Co.
Grande Cache Bituminous CST Canada Coal Ltd.
Highvale Subbituminous Transalta Corp / SunHills Mining LP