Best answer: Which of the following is a Tertiary coal field?

What are Tertiary coal fields?

Tertiary Coal Fields:

confined to the extra- Peninsula. The tertiary rock systems bear coals of younger age; from 15 to 60 million years. ➢Lignite Coal Fields: Tertiary coal is the lignite coal. Western and southern India. The coal is of inferior quality with around 30 to 50% carbon.

Which part of India has the Kalakot Tertiary coal field?

Kalakot coal field is in Jammu and Kashmir, south of Pirpanjal.

How is Gondwana coal field different from Tertiary coal field?

The Gondwana formation is 200 million years old. 1. Tertiary formation is 55 million years old. … Tertiary coal occurs in Assam, Arunachal pradesh, Meghalaya and Nagaland.

Which valley is richer in coal deposits?

The Damodar valley is rich in coal & it is also known as the prime core of coking coal in India.

Which is the largest coal producing state in 2020 *?

In FY 2020-21, Chhattisgarh registered highest coal production of 158.409 MT, followed by Odisha 154.150 MT, Madhya Pradesh 132.531 MT, and Jharkhand 119.296 MT.

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Where is anthracite coal found in India?

Anthracite (more than 80% carbon content) is the best quality of coal. In India, it is found only in Jammu and Kashmir.

Where is Kalakot thermal power station situated?

The correct answer is Jammu and Kashmir. Kalakot Thermal Power Station was inaugurated in 1963 by then Prime Minister of Jammu and Kashmir JB Bakshi Ghulam Mohammad. It is located in Block Kalakote of Rajouri District. This Power Station is in technical collaboration with M/S ENERGIOINVEST SARAJEVO, YUGOSLAVIA.

Why is Gondwana coal preferred over Tertiary coal?

This coal is free from moisture and contains sulphur and phosphorus in small variable quantities. This coal has a higher moisture content and more sulphur, with less calorific value.

What do you mean by the following a Gondwana coal B Tertiary coal?

The Gondwana coal is mainly bituminous or anthracite in which the carbon content varies between 60 to 90 per cent. The bituminous coal is converted into coke before being used in the iron and steel industry.. TERTIARY COAL. Tertiary coal is found in the rocks of the Oligocene period of the Tertiary Era.

Which state is famous for Gondwana coal?

Distribution of coal reserves by states

State Coal Reserves (in billion metric tonnes) Type of Coalfield
Odisha 84.652 Gondwana
Chhattisgarh 69.432 Gondwana
West Bengal 32.937 Gondwana
Madhya Pradesh 29.285 Gondwana