Can I use hairspray to seal charcoal?

Can I use hairspray instead of fixative?

Many artists who create drawings with friable or powdery media, such as chalk, pastel and charcoal, choose to use hairspray as an inexpensive alternative to commercially available art fixatives.

How do you seal charcoal drawing without hairspray?

Use Fixative Spray

To stop charcoal sketches from smearing, one must use fixative spray. Use many light coats to avoid dust from the sketch. Instead of applying one heavy coat of fixative, it is best to apply multiple lighter coats. You need to hold the fixative about 2 feet away from the paper while you spray.

How do you seal charcoal on canvas?

Rather than use a brush-on varnish (which would smear the charcoal anyway), you should use a spray varnish such as Golden Archival Spray Varnish or Lascaux UV Protect.

Do charcoal drawings fade in sunlight?

Charcoal is not as prone to sun fading as other mediums; however, it is best to hang your finished work away from direct sunlight. Proper care of your charcoal drawing is important for lasting results. Whether you spray or not, proper storage or framing will ensure your drawing will last for many generations to come.

What do you spray pencil drawings?

Best Student-Grade Soft Pastels for Beginners of All Ages

  1. ARTNEWS RECOMMENDS. Winsor & Newton Artists’ Fixative. …
  2. WE ALSO LIKE. Lascaux Fine Art Fixative. …
  3. ANOTHER GOOD CHOICE. Grumbacher Final Fixative. …
  4. MOST ARCHIVAL. Sennelier HC10 Universal Fixative. …
  5. ALSO CONSIDER. Krylon Workable Fixatif Spray.
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How do you make a fixative?

You can make your own fixate by adding about one tbsp. of white shellac (which is actually clear) to four ounces of isopropyl alcohol in a paper cup. You can stir the preparation with anything, then pour it into a plastic spray bottle. You must always spray fixer solutions onto a charcoal drawing.

How can I protect my pencils without fixative?

If you are interested in storing your drawings without a fixative, you can place the picture between two pieces of glassine interleaving paper. Glassine interleaving paper is an acid-free translucent paper that is ideal for protecting and storing delicate artwork like graphite, charcoal, colored pencils, and pastels.

How do you seal a pencil with hairspray?

Spray the drawing with one or two passes from a distance of 2 to 3 feet. Don’t over-spray your artwork. Allow the hairspray to dry and then attempt to erase a small bit of the pencil. If it smudges, give the drawing one more coat of hairspray.