Do you need special paper for charcoal?

What paper should I use for charcoal?

The best papers for charcoal drawings are Canson and Strathmore because they have excellent teeth density, 100% cotton with durability and non-acidic. These features make the drawing paper ideal for charcoal drawings. Furthermore, Castle Art Supplies is the best smudge-resistant drawing paper for charcoal paintings.

Can I use watercolor paper for charcoal?

You can use charcoal on many different types of paper, with different types of texture (‘tooth’). … Personally I also love to use charcoal on watercolor paper. Especially the smoother type, called ‘hot press’ watercolor paper. This paper has enough tooth to take on the charcoal easily, but it’s not highly textured.

Can you use smooth paper for charcoal?

Of course you can use charcoal on smooth paper. You can use charcoal on pretty much anything you want, technically. Now, if you want to, is where you’re getting into the nitty gritty of things. … When I use smooth paper, it’s typically with graphite, rather than charcoal purely owing to one big issue: the mess.

Is Stonehenge paper good for charcoal?

Stonehenge Paper

It’s a versatile weight that works flawlessly with everything from colored pencil to charcoal, pastels, and watercolor paints alike.

What does tooth in paper mean?

Well, a paper’s tooth describes the surface feel of paper. Generally, the more tooth a paper has, the rougher it feels. You could easily exchange the term for the words, “texture,” or “smoothness.” In general, charcoal artists prefer paper with a rougher texture, as the charcoal adheres better to unsmooth surfaces.

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