Does China import coal from Australia?

Is China still buying coal from Australia?

Overall, the affected Australian exports to China — except for coal — held steady through most of 2020 to the tune of just over $9 billion, Rajah said. They eventually dropped to about half that amount as restrictions escalated in late 2020, he added.

What percentage of China’s coal imports come from Australia?

According to IEA (International Energy Agency) Clean Coal Centre, Australia supplied more than 40 per cent of China’s coking coal imports and 57 per cent of the nation’s thermal coal last year.

Where is China importing coal from?


China’s coking coal imports
Russia 590 1,322
Canada 1,200 1,498
US 663 238
Other 285 270

Why is Australian coal banned in China?

According to the South China Morning Post, a quarter of production capacity in Shanxi—the province that produces the most coal—has been shut down for safety reasons. Coalmine closures for safety reasons have also been ordered in Henan and Hebei provinces.

Who is the largest exporter of coal?

Searchable List of All Coal Exporting Countries in 2020

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Rank Exporter Exported Coal (US$)
1. Australia $32,725,103,000
2. Indonesia $14,547,621,000
3. Russia $12,388,244,000
4. United States $6,092,861,000

What countries buy coal from Australia?

This premium widened in early to mid-May but has since shrunk. Australian exports continued to move to smaller markets for its coal such as Indonesia, Thailand, the Netherlands, Malaysia, United Arab Emirates, the Philippines and Pakistan, as suppliers continue to look to diversify in response to Beijing’s import ban.

What does China import from Australia?

More than 80 percent of China’s iron ore imports are concentrated in the hands of four major foreign miners, with Australia and Brazil accounting for a combined 81 percent of China’s total iron ore imports, according to media reports. Among them, Australia takes over 60 percent of the total amount of iron ore imports.

Where does the US get most of its coal?

The largest markets were India (12.8% of all exports), Netherlands (12.0%), Japan (8.5%), South Korea (8.5%), and Brazil (6.7%). In the third quarter of 2018, the U.S. imported 1.4 million short tons of coal, mostly from Colombia (58%), Canada (17.8%), and Indonesia (17.8%).

Why does China rely on coal?

China relies on coal power for approximately 70-80% of its energy, with 45% used for the industrial sector and the remainder used to generate electricity. By 2010, China comprised 48% of world coal consumption.

What percentage of the world’s coal comes from Australia?

Australia has about 25 per cent of world recoverable brown coal EDR and is ranked first. Australia is a major producer and exporter of coal and in 2008 accounted for about 6% of the world’s black coal production and ranked fourth largest producer after China (45 per cent), USA (18 per cent) and India (8 per cent).

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