Does NZ have coal?

Where does NZ get its coal?

New Zealand is importing coal by the shipload. Coal is the worst emitter you can possibly find and we’re finding lots of it – in Indonesia. Last year we imported more than we had in 14 years, and this year we’re expecting more – another 150,000 tonnes on last year’s total.

Does NZ use coal for electricity?

Fossil fuels generated 8,238 GWh in 2020 – 19% of all electricity – 6,0061 GWh by gas, 2,170 GWh by coal, and 3 GWh from other sources. Total combined installed capacity in 2020 was 2,334 MW. The North Island generates nearly all of New Zealand’s fossil-fuelled electricity.

Does NZ export coal?

Coal consumption

Most of New Zealand’s premium bituminous coal is exported. It’s valued internationally for its: low ash and sulphur content.

Why do we import coal to NZ?

Coal has been used to keep the lights on in New Zealand homes and businesses as a last resort. The government – which wants 100 per cent of electricity supply to be renewable by 2030 – admits this is not good enough.

Is NZ still mining coal?

New Zealand coal reserves are in excess of 15 billion tonnes, mainly in Waikato, Taranaki, West Coast, Otago and Southland. Over 80% of the reserves are in Southland lignite deposits worth $100 billion. … The largest coal mining company was Solid Energy, a state-owned enterprise.

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Who is the biggest exporter of coal?

Searchable List of All Coal Exporting Countries in 2020

Rank Exporter 2019-20
1. Australia -26.3%
2. Indonesia -23.3%
3. Russia -22.5%
4. United States -37.9%

What countries does NZ export coal to?

Coal accounts for about 10 per cent of New Zealand’s primary energy, excluding transport fuels. The biggest markets for coal are Japan, India, China and Australia.