Frequent question: Which of the following gas is most readily adsorbed on activated charcoal?

Which of the following gas is most readily adsorbed?

$S{O_2}$ has the highest critical temperature, it will be easily absorbed. Therefore, out of all the four options, $S{O_2}$ will be most easily absorbed. Thus, the correct answer is option B.

Which among the following is adsorbed greatly activated charcoal?

Water vapours. Stronger the intermolecular forces, easier to liquify, more strogly adsorbed.

Which gas absorbs least?

Answer: (d) Lesser the value of critical temperature of gases lesser will be the extent of adsorption. Here H2 has lowest value of critical temperature, i.e., 33. Hence, hydrogen gas shows least adsorption on a definite amount of charcoal.

Which gas is adsorbed activated charcoal?

Because it is easily absorbed. So that in the given four gases, more absorbed in activated charcoal is sulfur dioxide ($S{O_2}$ ). Therefore,the correct option is (A).

Which gas can be absorbed most on charcoal?

“The absorption of oxygen is not merely the filling up of the pores craving by their emptiness a supply of particles but it is caused by a power capable of making a selection, removing all the oxygen from the air, even ejecting the nitrogen from the pores of the charcoal to make room for the gas more readily …

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Which is adsorbed in minimum amount by the activated charcoal?

Here , hydrogen has the minimum critical temperature, (-240∘C) hence, is adsorbed in minimum amount.

Which of the following is strongly absorbed by charcoal?

The gas that can be strongly adsorbed by charcoal is B) NH3.

The reason behind this is that NH3 is easily liquifiable. Charcoal strongly absorbs those compounds that are easily liquifiable, which is the case with ammonia or NH3.

Which charcoal is least adsorbed?

When we compare the molecular weights of the gases from each option, the gas with the minimum molecular mass is hydrogen (${H_2}$). So we can clearly say that it is the gas that will have a minimum amount of critical temperature so it will have minimum adsorption by activated charcoal.

Which is maximum adsorbed by a charcoal n2 CO2 cl2 o2?

The gas that can be strongly adsorbed by charcoal is NH3.

Is oxygen responsible for greenhouse effect?

There are several different types of greenhouse gases. The major ones are carbon dioxide, water vapor, methane, and nitrous oxide. … Most of the gas in the atmosphere is nitrogen and oxygen, which cannot absorb heat and contribute to the greenhouse effect.