How can we get more coal Oxygen Not Included?

How do you refine coal Oxygen Not Included?

Refined Carbon is produced from Coal in the Kiln. 125 kg Coal = 100 kg Refined Carbon. When Coal is heated to 278.85 °C (melting point + 2 °C) it becomes Refined Carbon.

How do you get more algae in oxygen not included?


  1. Algae Distillers can produce Algae from Slime. 600 g/s Slime = 200 g/s Algae + 400 g/s Polluted Water.
  2. Algae can be obtained from space expeditions to Terrestial Planet or Organic Mass.

What if there is no chlorine in oxygen?


  1. A Chlorine gas room is great at disinfection and heat insulation. It is good for germy slime storage and processing (or any items you want to disinfect). …
  2. The Ore Scrubber removes germs from objects and it is a way to use chlorine. However, it needs a duplicant operator, who also needs to handle the infected goods.

How do you get crude oil in oxygen not included?

Crude oil can be found in the Oil Biome, which is located above the Volcanic Biome on the bottom of the map. It can also be extracted from an untapped Oil Reservoir by constructing an Oil Well over it. It stacks up to 870 kg/tile when not pressurized.

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How can I speed up my Oni?

To speed things up just a little faster, you can open the debug menu and hit ALT + Z. This activates Super Speed mode which is much faster than the vanilla speed options provided in the game.

How can I make my Oni run faster?

The default is “Programs”, but choose “Background Services”. That’s right, giving the game less priority is making it run smoother.

Will Oxygen Not Included be multiplayer?

There are currently no plans to add multiplayer to Oxygen Not Included.

How do you get God mode in Oxygen Not Included?

For example, launch the game and press Alt + F4 to activate God Mode. There are many cheats like this you can try out in Oxygen Not Included. Have fun playing.

What is debug mode on Oxygen Not Included?

Oxygen Not Included features a Debug Menu capable of viewing and generating reports of data as well as exploiting and cheating (for those who wish to use it in this way). If debugging lacks a capability, then you need try the save file editor Duplicity.

How do you get oxygen Oni?

Since the Electrolyzer uses water to produce Oxygen, you’re going to need to start recycling the contaminated water from your toilets and showers so you don’t run out. You can this by using a contaminated water filter and then reusing that water to supply the Electrolyzer.

What do you do when oxygen is not polluted in water?

Polluted Water can be pumped via Liquid Pump into a Water Sieve and be purified with a filtration medium, turning into pure Water that can be deposited from a Liquid Vent. Filtering polluted water does not remove any germs that may be present. The germs will remain in the clean water unless additional steps are taken.

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