How do you calculate gross and net calorific value of coal?

How do you find the gross calorific value of coal?

GCV = 76.56 – 1.3(VM + ash) + 0.0073(VM + ash)2 In the above equation, VM and ash were in weigh percentage on dry basis and GCV was determined in mJ/kg also in dry basis.

What is the formula for net calorific value?

Calculate a) Gross calorific value, moist basis b) Net calorific value, dry basis c) Net calorific value, moist basis d) Gross calorific value, dry basis using Dulong formula. = 32060.2 KJ/Kg NCV = GCV – 24.44(9×%H + %M) = 30630.26 KJ/Kg Thus NCV = 0.955 times GCV in this case.

What is net calorific value of coal?

The calorific value of coal is in the range of 25–35 MJ/kg.

What is the gross calorific value?

The total amount of heat released when a fuel is burned. When fossil fuels are burned, the carbon and hydrogen in these fuels combine with oxygen in the air to produce carbon dioxide and water. Gross calorific value (GCV) assumes that the water of combustion is entirely condensed. …

How calorific value is calculated?

Goutel suggested the following formula from calculating the higher calorific value when the percentage proximate analysis of fuel is known. The formula is, cal. value = 343.3 x fixed carbon % + α x % volatile matter kJ/kg. Goutel formula is unreliable for fuels having high percentage in oxygen.

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What are the two types of calorific value?

Gross calorific value (GCV) and net calorific value (NCV) are the terms used in the formula to calculate calorific value of fuel.