How do you get coal in Ark Christmas?

How do you get coal and mistletoe in Ark?

The main currencies for the ARK Winter Wonderland event are Mistletoe and Coal. In order to get them, you must wait for RaptorClaus to arrive. He makes his presence known once the in-game timer strikes midnight, and he stays till about 2 a.m. You’ll see him, and his festive sleigh, in the sky.

How do you activate Winter Wonderland in Ark?

To activate the event on a private server, the code line -ActiveEvent=WinterWonderland can be added to the command line or in the configuration files.

What does Raptor Claus drop?

Raptor Claus is a Raptor dressed as Santa flying over the ARK on his flying sleigh dropping gifts for Survivors. … The items that Raptor Claus drops can be used to craft Holiday Lights, Candy Cane Club, Megaloceros Reindeer Costume, a Santa hat for both your person and Dino, Stocking, Holiday Tree, Snowman and Wreath.

What is mistletoe used for ARK?

Mistletoe is a resource used to craft the various items added in ARK: Winter Wonderland. It is found in gift pack styled Supply Crates dropped by Raptor Claus.

Does Ark have a Christmas event?

ARK Winter Wonderland 5

Winter Wonderland is a Christmas-themed seasonal event. This event brings new items, pets, the Raptor Claus and MachaClaus.

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How Long Does Winter Wonderland last ark?


Event Start Date End Date
ARK: Fear Evolved 4 October 22nd, 2020 November 6th, 2020
Genesis 2 Chronicles November 7th, 2020 March 2021
ARK: Turkey Trial 4 November 24th, 2020 December 8th, 2020
ARK: Winter Wonderland 5 December 17th, 2020 January 7th, 2021

What time does the Christmas event start ark?

Winter Wonderland will be making a triumphant return for the fifth time with new presents and goodies for ARK survivors. The winter-themed holiday event begins on December 17th at 10am PST for PC, XBOX, and PS4 and will last until Thursday, January 7th.