How do you measure moisture content in coal?

How do you measure moisture in coal?

Total moisture =X+Y*(1-X/100), Where, X: percentage loss in mass of original in air-drying, Y: percentage loss in mass of air dried sample on oven drying.

How do you determine moisture content?

The amount of water is determined by subtracting the dry weight from the initial weight, and the moisture content is then calculated as the amount of water divided by the dry weight or total weight, depending on the reporting method.

What is the temperature required to find out moisture in coal?

Air-dry loss moisture, which is not linked to organic matter, is the loss of weight resulted by drying at room temperature. Inherent moisture content is determined by heating an air-dried coal sample at 105°–110°C (221–230°F) under specified conditions until a constant weight is obtained.

Does coal absorb moisture?

Charcoal will absorb moisture from the air. Punch holes in the sides of the coffee can, as well as in the lid, with a small screwdriver or ice pick. Place charcoal in the can and put the lid on. Place in the areas of your house that get the most humidity, such as bathrooms, basements, closets, attics or sun rooms.

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What is the principle of moisture content?

The principle of the thermogravimetric method of moisture content determination is defined as the weight loss of mass that occurs as the material is heated. The sample weight is taken prior to heating and again after reaching a steady-state mass subsequent to drying.

What is the unit of moisture content?

Common measurement units are dewpoint (°F or °C), grams of water per cubic meter of air (g/m³) or pounds of water per million cubic feet (lb/ft³).

How many types of coal moisture are there?

Moisture may occur in four possible forms within coal: Surface moisture: water held on the surface of coal particles or macerals. Hygroscopic moisture: water held by capillary action within the microfractures of the coal. Decomposition moisture: water held within the coal’s decomposed organic compounds.

What is equilibrated moisture in coal?

n) “Equilibrated Moisture” means moisture content, as determined after equilibrating at 60% relative humidity (RH) and 40 degree Celsius as per the relevant provisions (relating to determination of equilibrated moisture at 60% RH and 40 degree Celsius) of BIS 1350 of 1959 or amendment thereof.

What is the difference between total moisture and inherent moisture in coal?

Inherent or equilibrium moisture is used for calculating moist mineral-matter-free calorific values for the rank classification of high-volatile bituminous coals. It is also used for estimating free or surface moisture, since total moisture is equal to the sum of the inherent moisture and the free moisture.