Is Coke a charcoal?

What is difference between carbon and coke?

is that carbon is (label) the chemical element (symbol c) with an atomic number of 6 while coke is (uncountable) solid residue from roasting coal in a coke oven; used principally as a fuel and in the production of steel and formerly as a domestic fuel or coke can be (informal|slang|uncountable) cocaine or coke can be .

Which is better coke or coal?

Coke is a better fuel than coal because; -Coke produces more heat on burning than coal. -Coke has a higher calorific value than coal.

What is coke fuel formula?

C₁₃₅ H₉₆ O₉ N S and coal also has some moisture (H₂O). During the destructive distillation process most of other elements go out and Carbon content increases to 85% to 95%. Coke has a little moisture absorbed through its pores. It can be like Cx Hy Oz N S or Cx Hy Oz with high value of x and small values of y and z.

What burns hotter charcoal or coal?

Coal is not very easy to light up, but after lighting, it burns for a longer time and burns hotter than charcoal. Charcoal is natural to light up but doesn’t burn as hot as coal. It also does not burn for a longer time. … But coal is very efficient in producing a high amount of heat.

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