Is compacted coal worth it satisfactory?

Is compacted coal worth it?

In contradiction to its description Compacted Coal is not actually a more efficient fuel source for Coal Generators when considering net power. … Compared to using 2 Coal, which are worth a total of 600MJ, using 1 Coal + 1 Sulfur actually results in less net power.

How much coal does a coal generator need satisfactory?

Coal burn time is four seconds, which means that a single Coal Generator consumes 15 Coal/min. Pipeline Mk.

How do you make compacted coal?

3 Coal + 3 Sulfur = 3 Compacted Coal.

How much fuel does a fuel generator use satisfactory?

Consumes Fuel to generate electricity for the power grid. Has a Pipe input so the Fuel supply can be automated. Caution: Always generates at the set clockspeed. Shuts down if fuel requirements are not met.

Liquid Biofuel (750 MJ/m3)

Clock speed Burn time (sec) Fluid per minute
250% 2.47 24.32 m3

Does coal run out satisfactory?

Current issue. While Satisfactory Interactive Map shows there are 15 pure nodes, one of the pure node in Dune Desert is overlapping with another, effectively reduce the resource node count by 1. Thus, 780/min of Coal resources is lost.

Should I overclock coal generator?

Overclocking of all types of power generators provides no benefit other than saving building space. For power generation buildings, both power capacity and fuel consumption rate are increased at the same rate.

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How many coal generators does a coal node produce?

When looking for coal, also keep in mind the need for water. 1 Coal Generator burns Coal at a rate of 1 every 5.4 seconds. 1 Normal Coal node will fuel 5 Coal Generators with a surplus of 0.08 Coal per second.

What is the best fuel in satisfactory?


Fuel Type Fuel Value (MJ) Fuel Generator (150 MW)
Coal 300
Compacted Coal 630
Petroleum Coke 180
Fuel 750 5.00s

How do I get more power satisfactory?

As you progress in the game, you will be able to build standalone Biomass generators which will increase your power production and effective ways of supplying electricity i.e using Coal. There are several types of generators that you can build for producing electricity in Satisfactory.

How can I be good at satisfactory?

10 Pro Tips For Playing Satisfactory

  1. 1 Tips For Exploration.
  2. 2 Upgrade As Soon As Possible. …
  3. 3 Coal Plants Can Be The Difference Between Success And Failure. …
  4. 4 Make Use Of Multiple Hotbars. …
  5. 5 Build Vertical Factories. …
  6. 6 Leave Plenty Of Extra Space To Expand Into. …
  7. 7 Automate Mining And Construction As Early As Possible. …