Quick Answer: What is the largest coal mine of Assam?

How many coal mines are there in Assam?

It took over the private mines operating in the Northeastern states of India and at present has mines operating in states of Assam, Meghalaya, Nagaland and Arunachal Pradesh. At present there are five working mines – three underground and two opencast mines.

Which is the largest coal mine in India?

Jharia coalfield is a large coal field located in the east of India in Jharia, Jharkhand. Jharia represents the largest coal reserves in India having estimated reserves of 19.4 billion tonnes of coking coal.

What is the price of coal in Assam?

NEC coal price effective from 09.01.2018

14(a) Total {12(a) + 13(a)} 4845.28
14(b) Total {12(b) + 13(b)} 4987.79
Note: Surface transportation (Rs per tonn
Sizing (Top size limited to any maximun limit the range of 200 mm to250 mm)

Where was first coal discovered in Assam?

The first coal mine in Assam was started near Ledo in 1882 when the erstwhile Assam Railway & Trading Company was laying a metre gauge railway line in that region.

Which coal is found in Assam?

Issues associated Assam Coal:

Almost all the coals are tertiary coals. Or they are mostly lignite coals.

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How many mining are there in Assam?

The State of Assam covers an area of 78,438 sq. kms.

Sl No. Name of Minerals Possible industrial uses
2 Limestone Cement plant, Lime plant
3 China Clay Manufacture of pottery, ceramic and sanitary wares.
4 Glass Sand Manufacture of glass wares
5 Iron ore Pig iron and sponge iron manufacturing industries

Which state of northeast India is famous for coal?

Assam is known for its petroleum and natural gas reserves, coal, limestone and minor minerals; Meghalaya has established coal and limestone mining industries.

Which is the richest coal field in India?

Dhanbad – One of the oldest in Jharkhand and the richest coalfields of India. It is the storehouse of the best metallurgical coal i.e coking coal.