Quick Answer: Where is the coal ash in Mooresville?

Where is the cancer cluster in Mooresville NC?

In Mooresville, which is near Lake Norman in Iredell County, there have been higher than expected rates of thyroid cancer in young women and girls.

Does Lake Norman have coal ash?

Coal ash particles have been found in soil near two coal-fired power plants: Duke Energy’s Marshall Steam Station on Lake Norman near the Iredell-Catawba county line in North Carolina, and Bull Run Steam Plant, operated by the Tennessee Valley Authority, in Clayton, Tenn., scientists announced this week.

How many coal ash sites are in North Carolina?

Addressing coal ash at facilities across North Carolina

The information has been essential in DEQ’s prioritization of closure plans for all 14 facilities with coal ash storage ponds.

Does coal ash cause thyroid cancer?

There is no known connection between thyroid cancer and the constituents in coal ash. Nearly all elements in coal ash are below levels established by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as safe for residential soils.

Is Lake Norman a good place to raise a family?

The Lake Norman area is home to many nationally recognized quality private and public schools. In 2018, the Lake Norman towns of Davidson and Huntersville were named the top two “Best Places to Raise a Family in North Carolina” in a study by WalletHub based on education, family fun activities, and other factors.

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What is left after you burn coal?

Coal ash is the waste that is left after coal is combusted (burned). It includes fly ash (fine powdery particles that are carried up the smoke stack and captured by pollution control devices) as well as coarser materials that fall to the bottom of the furnace. Most coal ash comes from coal-fired electric power plants.

How many coal ash ponds are in the US?

Coal ash is the second largest stream of industrial waste in the US at approximately 130 million tons produced per year. According to EPA, coal ash is disposed in over 310 active on-site landfills and 735 active on-site surface impoundments. These are large facilities.

Is there coal ash in Davidson NC?

Coal ash, a powdery substance that remains after burning coal to generate electricity, presents a number of potential environmental and public health issues. … The Marshall Steam Station, located on Lake Norman just 14 miles from Davidson, holds 16,836,000 tons of coal ash.

What is coal ash in NC?

Coal ash is a gray, powdery byproduct of burning coal to produce energy. It is composed of materials remaining after coal is burned, including fine sand (called silica), unburned carbon, various metals, and compounds that have potential to be Contaminants of Potential Concern (COPCs).