Quick Answer: Which one is not obtained from coal?

Which of the following is not obtained by coal?

Answer. (d) CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) is not obtained from coal.

Which product is not obtained during coal processing?

Coal gas, Coke and Coal tar are obtained in the process of destructive distillation of mineral coal but methane is not obtained during this process.

How is coal oil and natural gas formed?

Over millions of years, heat and pressure from Earth’s crust decomposed these organisms into one of the three main kinds of fuel: oil (also called petroleum), natural gas, or coal. These fuels are called fossil fuels, since they are formed from the remains of dead animals and plants.

How is coke obtained from coal?

Coke is obtained by destructive distillation of charcoal or coal in the furnace Destructive distillation is the chemical process involving the decomposition of coal or charcoal by heating to a high temperature in the absence of air or in the presence of limited amounts of oxygen.

How is coal gas obtained where is it used?

Coal gas, gaseous mixture—mainly hydrogen, methane, and carbon monoxide—formed by the destructive distillation (i.e., heating in the absence of air) of bituminous coal and used as a fuel. … Coal tar and coke (qq. v.) are obtained as by-products.

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How is coal tar formed?

Coal tar is obtained by cooling the gas that is formed during the destructive distillation of coal to approximately ambient temperature. It is a black, viscous liquid composed primarily of a complex mixture of condensed-ring aromatic hydrocarbons.

Which product is obtained after heating coal in absence of air?

Coal gas is also an important commercial product obtained by the destructive distillation of coal. It is a gaseous fuel and is produced from coal when coal is heated in absence of air. The byproducts of coal gas are coal tar and coke.