What are the major coal mines found in India?

Where are the major coal mines found in India?

The top five states in India with the largest coal reserves

Located in north-east India, the state of Jharkhand top the list of India’s coal reserves — at more than 26% — and production. The state’s main coal-mining centres are Jharia, Bokaro, Auranga, Giridh, Dhanbad, Ramgarh, Karanpur and Hutar.

Which is the largest coal mines in India?

Jharia coalfield is a large coal field located in the east of India in Jharia, Jharkhand. Jharia represents the largest coal reserves in India having estimated reserves of 19.4 billion tonnes of coking coal.

Which are the coal mines in India?


Mine State Coordinates
Raniganj Coalfield West Bengal 1st coal mine in India
Birbhum Coalfield West Bengal
Korba Chhattisgarh 22.35°N 82.68°E
Jharsuguda Odisha 22.05°N 83.72°E

Which is the richest coal field in India?

Dhanbad – One of the oldest in Jharkhand and the richest coalfields of India. It is the storehouse of the best metallurgical coal i.e coking coal.

Who is the first coal mine in India?

Raniganj is the first coal mine in India. Coal mining in India first started in the Raniganj Coalfield. In 1774, John Sumner and Suetonius Grant Heatly of the British East India Company found coal near Ethora, presently in Salanpur community development block.

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Who is current coal Minister?

Ministry of Coal

Agency overview
Minister responsible Pralhad Joshi, Cabinet Minister
Agency executives Anil Kumar Jain, Secretary Vinod Kumar Tiwari, Additional Secretary
Child agencies Coal Controller Coal India and its subsidiaries Neyveli Lignite Corporation Singareni Collieries Company
Website Official website

Which is the largest coal mine in Asia?

Gansu Huating Mining Complex

The Gansu Huating Mining Complex is a coal mine owned by Huating Coal Industry Group. Located in Gansu, China, the greenfield mine produced approximately 21.313Mt of ROM in 2020. It had an estimated production of 17.359 mtpa of coal in 2020.