What is coal tar asphalt?

How long does coal tar sealer last?

All asphalt surfaces must be seal coated regularly, at least once every 3 years and highly trafficked locations every two years. For the best possible results, it is necessary to use a coal tar asphalt sealcoat that offers the very best protection from the elements.

Is coal tar illegal?

They’ve passed bans in recent years in dozens of cities and counties in Minnesota, Washington, D.C., Illinois, Texas, New York, Maryland and Washington state. … “We’re at a tipping point” in the movement against coal tar sealants, says Nick Kelso, owner of Minnesota-based Jet-Black International.

Is coal tar a good driveway sealer?

Coal tar sealcoat is known for its hard, durable film, deep dark color and increased fuel resistance. It’s also known as an easier material to work with than is asphalt-based, due in part to it being more forgiving in marginal weather/environmental conditions.

Are all asphalt sealers the same?

All asphalt driveway sealers provide driveway beautification and can increase the value of your Bay Area property, but protection and longevity will vary with type and grade. Identifying your sealant needs based on information rather than brand will help in choosing the right product for the job.

What States is coal tar banned?

Some of the cities, counties and states that have banned the use of coal tar-based sealants include:

  • Austin, Texas.
  • Dane County, Wisconsin.
  • District of Columbia.
  • Minnesota.
  • Montgomery County, Maryland.
  • Prince George’s County, Maryland.
  • Suffolk County, New York.
  • Washington state.
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Is sealcoating bad for asphalt?

Asphalt seal coating is recognized as one of the most beneficial preventative maintenance treatment for your asphalt parking lot when TIMED PROPERLY.