What is involved in a coal board medical?

What do they do in a coal board medical?

Coal Services compliant Order 43 Medical Assessment at KINNECT Clinic. Includes: Medical History, Respiratory Questionnaire, Audiometry Test, Spirometry Test, Vision Test, Medical Examination, Section D Sign Off, ILO Chest X-ray, Respirator Face Fit Test.

How long does a coal board medical go for?

How long does a Coal Board Medical last? A QLD Coal Board Medical is valid for five years, after which it must be conducted again.

How much does it cost for a coal board medical?

The fee is $700.00 + GST. Minimum 2 per class.

What does a mine medical involve?

A standard PEM usually involves: A detailed questionnaire including your previous employment and medical history. A general physical examination including cardiovascular, respiratory, musculoskeletal and neurological systems, and general level of fitness. An assessment of vision.

Can I get my own coal board medical?

Question: I want to have my medical ready as it improves my chances of getting a job – Can I have a Coal Board Medical without a company being involved? Answer: No, unfortunately you must have an employer willing to meet the employer obligations detailed above before you can proceed with a booking.

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How long does a mine medical take?

The test takes around 20 minutes.

What do you need for coal mining?

To become a coal miner, one must have at least a high school diploma or GED. Moreover, they must complete a specialized training and apprenticeship program before becoming a miner.

What do you wear to a medical assessment?

You will be asked to undress to your underwear to allow a thorough medical examination and to provide a urine specimen, therefore please wear appropriate underwear. If you have been asked to undertake a work fitness assessment, please wear loose fitting and comfortable clothing and closed in shoes (preferably runners).

What is a pre employment medical?

A Pre-Employment medical provides a baseline health assessment for a worker before they enter a role with an employer. The assessment assists with risk management and identifies whether a worker is medically suitable in the role in which they are applying.

What is an order 41 medical?

It requires employers of coal mine workers and operators in NSW to ensure that pre- placement and periodic medical assessments are completed for their workforce. The Order exists to help protect coal mine workers’ health and safety.