What is other income of Coal India?

What is the profit of coal?

The company’s net profit stood at Rs 12,720 crore in FY21, down from Rs 16,700 crore a year before. This is a steep fall for the CIL as it battles falling coal demand. During 2016-17, its profit fell by 30 per cent and recovered in 2018-19 with a more than 100 per cent jump.

Is Coal India in profit or loss?


Profit & Loss account of Coal India (in Rs. Cr.) Mar 21 Mar 19
Revenue From Operations [Gross] 49.56 430.92
Less: Excise/Sevice Tax/Other Levies 13.42 115.53
Revenue From Operations [Net] 36.14 315.39
Total Operating Revenues 640.25 934.30

What is the product of Coal India?

The Company offers products, including Coking Coal, Semi Coking Coal, Non-Coking Coal, Washed and Beneficiated Coal, Middlings, Rejects, Coal Fines/Coke Fines, and Tar/Heavy Oil/Light Oil/Soft Pitch. Its Middlings are used in power generation, brick manufacturing units and cement plants.

Who will get Coal India dividend?

The Central government will receive Rs 1,426 crore as a dividend from Coal India.

Who are the customers of Coal India?

Its customers include large thermal power generation companies, steel and cement producers and other industrial companies in the public and private sector with many of whom the company has long–standing relationships. Most of the company’s coal is used in the thermal power sector in India.

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Which is the best subsidiary of Coal India?


Name of Subsidiary Employees (as of 31 March 2015) Revenue (₹ billion for FY2012-13)
Mahanadi Coalfields Limited (MCL) 22,259 120.93
Northern Coalfields Limited (NCL) 16,226 99.86
South Eastern Coalfields Limited (SECL) 67,800 176.48

Which is the largest coal producing company in the world?

Largest coal mining companies of the world

Rank Company Country
1 BHP Australia
2 Rio Tinto Australia
3 China Shenhua Energy China
4 Anglo American plc United Kingdom

Does Coal India have future?

Increasing Production And Demand: Over the years, the demand for coal has seen a secular increase. For the year 2015-16, CIL had produced 536 million tonnes of coal, which has increased to 600 million tonnes of coal during FY20. … Power demand has been increasing, which bodes well for CIL’s future prospects.

What is the full form of coal?

COAL. Computer Organization and Assembly Language.

Does Coal India give pension?

The Scheme will be called as “CIL EXECUTIVE DEFINED CONTRIBUTION PENSION SCHEME – 2007”. … “Age of Superannuation” shall mean the age of 60 years or any normal age of retirement as decided by the Company from time to time, on attainment of which, an executive shall be entitled to superannuation pension or annuity.