What is the difference between willow and compressed charcoal?

Which is better for drawing details compressed or willow charcoal?

Generally, compressed charcoal is harder than willow and vine. Because of its hardness, compressed charcoal maintains its shape better and can be sharpened for more detailed drawing—which makes it especially useful for drawing finer lines, textures, and details.

What is willow charcoal used for?

Willow/Vine Charcoal

Unlike compressed charcoal, vine and willow charcoal doesn’t use a binding agent which results in clean erasing. Because of this property, they are perfect for sketching a composition on canvas prior to painting.

Is willow charcoal soft or hard?

Softer than compressed charcoal but generally more brittle as well, willow charcoal and vine charcoal are especially useful for sketching as their marks can be erased with ease.

Who used charcoal for art?

One of the first well known artists to utilize charcoal as a primary medium was Albrecht Durer. Though he is most well known for ink and wood cuts, his charcoal portraits are some of the first and finest.

Is charcoal soft?

Compressed charcoal looks like graphite and comes either in pencil form or stick form. It is available in various hardness levels: soft, medium or hard. Softer charcoals are darker, while hard charcoals are lighter.

Do charcoal pencils come in colors?

They can all be the same colour (black) – though tinted charcoal (black with hints of various colours) are available and they can add a subtle coloured tone to your work. Charcoal pencils are really affordable but you will go through them quite quickly so buy more than a single pencil.

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What paper should I use for charcoal?

The best papers for charcoal drawings are Canson and Strathmore because they have excellent teeth density, 100% cotton with durability and non-acidic. These features make the drawing paper ideal for charcoal drawings. Furthermore, Castle Art Supplies is the best smudge-resistant drawing paper for charcoal paintings.