What is the largest coal mine in Australia?

What is the deepest coal mine in Australia?

At approximately 800 metres (2,600 ft) in depth, it remains the deepest coal mine ever to have been sunk in Australia.

Balmain Colliery.

Products Coal Natural gas
Greatest depth 2,900 feet (880 m)
Opened 1897

How long will coal last in Australia?

Production and Trade

At 2016 production levels, Australia’s current recoverable EDR of black coal is expected to last 125 years.

Who does Australia sell coal to?


Australian thermal coal exports
South Korea 2.2 7.1
Taiwan 2.1 4.0
India 2.5 906.3
Vietnam 1.4 -44.4

How deep are Australian coal mines?

Mining depths are often between 200 and 600 metres below ground surface in New South Wales, and usually at a shallower depth in Queensland.

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