What is the solid residue obtained after the distillation of coal tar?

What is obtained from distillation of coal?

Coke, coal gas, gaseous carbon, coal tar, ammonia liquor, and coal oil are examples of commercial products historically produced by the destructive distillation of coal.

What is the residue left after the process of destructive distillation?

Coke is the residue left by the destructive distillation of petroleum residua in processes such as the delayed coking process (Hsu and Robinson, 2006; Gary et al., 2007; Speight, 2011, 2017).

What is the residue left in the process?

Residue may be the material remaining after a process of preparation, separation, or purification, such as distillation, evaporation, or filtration. It may also denote the undesired by-products of a chemical reaction.

Which of the following substance is the solid residue left after dry distillation?

The solid residue, charcoal, is mainly carbon (about 70%) and small amounts of tarry substances which can be driven off or decomposed completely only by raising the temperature to above about 600°C.

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What happen when coal tar is distilled?

. Coal tar is obtained by cooling the gas that is formed during the destructive distillation of coal to approximately ambient temperature. … The part of coke-oven tar that is normally distillable at atmospheric pressure boils at up to ~400 °C and contains principally aromatic hydrocarbons.

Is the residue left after destructive distillation of coal?

Coke is a porous and black substance that is left as residue when coal is subjected to destructive distillation.

Which two products are obtained from the destructive distillation of coal?

When coal is heated in the absence of air is called destructive distillation of coal. We get many usefulproducts like coke, coal tar and coal gas etc. 1. Coke -Its an solid residue left after the destructive distillation of coal.

Is naphthalene balls obtained from coal tar?

Naphthalene is flammable and potentially explosive. Hence, Naphthalene balls are obtained from coal tar.

What is the solid residue?

Solid residue remaining after coal combustion are fly ash, bot- tom ash and flue gas desulphurization products. Their properties depend on the physical and chemical properties of coal, the size of the coal particles during combustion, the combustion process and the manner of gathering.

What is the organic residue left when coal is burned?

2.2 Ash. Ash is the inorganic solid residue left after the fuel is completely burned.

What is the meaning of solid residue?

an atom or group of atoms considered as a group or part of a molecule. that part remaining as a solid on a filter paper after a liquid passes through in the filtration procedure.

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