What is triple heat coal?

How much is coal in Northern Ireland?

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Fireblend 40KG (Petcoke / Nuggets) £12.00 £11.50
Fireblend 20KG (Petcoke / Nuggets) £6.00
Eco Blend 40KG (Small Petcoke / Nuggets) £11.00 £10.50
Clearflame 40KG (Petcoke / Ovoids) £13.00 £12.50

How much is a ton of smokeless coal in Ireland?


How much is a ton of coal?

In 2019, the national average sales price of bituminous, subbituminous, and lignite coal at coal mines was $30.93 per short ton, and the average delivered coal price to the electric power sector was $38.53 per short ton.

What is the best coal for stoves in Ireland?

High heat output, low ash, long burn cycle (up to 80% longer than coal) combined with consistent size and quality has made Ecoglow Irelands favourite smokeless fuel. Ecoglow is suitable for open fires, stoves, ranges, smoke controlled zones and non-smoke controlled areas.

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