What mediums can you mix with charcoal?

Can acrylic cover pencils?

This may seem a bit obvious, but if you are an oil painter using acrylic-primed canvas, you can do your sketch or preliminary drawing in acrylic paint. … Some artists will draw in pencil, seal the pencil lines by repainting over them with acrylic, then proceed to oil paint.

Can you draw on top of gesso?

You can, but you’ll need to prime your canvas with several coats of gesso first to create a smooth surface to work on. … When you have a heavily primed canvas, you should have an extremely smooth surface that is ideal for detailed pencil drawing.

Does charcoal help filter water?

How Do Charcoal Filters Work? … The reason that activated charcoal makes such a great material for water filters is that it is natural and effective at removing many toxins from the water, such as volatile organic compounds and chlorine, without the use of chemicals or stripping the water of salts and minerals.

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