Where does NZ import its coal from?

Does NZ import coal?

“Coal imported during 2020 was approximately one million tonnes, with approximately 800,000 tonnes used to generate electricity in 2020. “Coal imports for the first quarter of 2021 were 299,300 tonnes, with 427,000 tonnes consumed for electricity generation.”

Does NZ import coal from Australia?

Last year, 235 kilograms of overseas coal was imported for every New Zealander in order to power homes and businesses. This is also only imported coal; the country also produces coal domestically.

Does NZ export coal?

Coal Exports

New Zealand exports 26% of its Coal production (808,931 tons in 2016).

Is NZ still mining coal?

New Zealand coal reserves are in excess of 15 billion tonnes, mainly in Waikato, Taranaki, West Coast, Otago and Southland. Over 80% of the reserves are in Southland lignite deposits worth $100 billion. … The largest coal mining company was Solid Energy, a state-owned enterprise.

Does NZ use coal for electricity?

New Zealand has significantly increased its use of coal in recent years, despite its status as the worst, most polluting fossil fuel on the planet. … In 2020 coal produced 19.4 petajoules (PJ) of electricity – enough to power more than 350,000 homes for a year, according to an Australian government metric.

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What countries does NZ export coal to?

Coal accounts for about 10 per cent of New Zealand’s primary energy, excluding transport fuels. The biggest markets for coal are Japan, India, China and Australia.

How much coal does NZ export?

National in-ground resources of all coals are over 16 billion tonnes, but 80% of this is lignite in the South Island. Coal production in 2015 was 3.4 million tonnes, of which 1.4 million tonnes were exported. Coal accounts for about 10% of New Zealand’s primary energy (excluding transport fuels).

How much of NZ power is coal?

Fossil fuels generated 8,238 GWh in 2020 – 19% of all electricity – 6,0061 GWh by gas, 2,170 GWh by coal, and 3 GWh from other sources. Total combined installed capacity in 2020 was 2,334 MW. The North Island generates nearly all of New Zealand’s fossil-fuelled electricity.

How many coal mines are there in NZ?

As at the end of 2020 there were 18 operating coal mines in New Zealand.