Where is the consumption of coal in India?

Where is coal used in India?

Major uses of coal

As one of the most affordable and abundant sources of energy in India, Coal is primarily used for the following: Power generation in Thermal Power Plants. Steel production with help of coking coal. Synthetic fuel by gasification and coal liquefaction.

What is coal consumption in India?

Summary Table

Tons Global Rank
Coal Consumption 966,288,693 2nd in the world
Yearly Deficit -204,626,654
Coal Imports 215,789,801
Coal Exports 1,018,312

Does coal India have future?

Increasing Production And Demand: Over the years, the demand for coal has seen a secular increase. For the year 2015-16, CIL had produced 536 million tonnes of coal, which has increased to 600 million tonnes of coal during FY20. … Power demand has been increasing, which bodes well for CIL’s future prospects.

Which is the biggest coal mine in India?

Jharia coalfield is a large coal field located in the east of India in Jharia, Jharkhand. Jharia represents the largest coal reserves in India having estimated reserves of 19.4 billion tonnes of coking coal.

How many years will coal last?

In order to project how much time we have left before the world runs out of oil, gas, and coal, one method is measuring the R/P ratios — that is the ratio of reserves to current rates of production. At the current rates of production, oil will run out in 53 years, natural gas in 54, and coal in 110.

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Is India reducing coal consumption?

Coal consumption in India is expected to fall sharply in 2020. … In addition, coal-fired power generation will decline in 2020 (-4.5%) due to lower demand for electricity and preferential dispatch for nuclear and renewables. Gas-fired generation was boosted by low LNG prices.

Does India use coal?

India is the second largest importer of coal despite having the world’s fourth largest reserves, and coal powers over 70% of the country’s electricity demand. Electricity generation makes up three-fourths of India’s coal consumption.

How much of coal is left?

World Coal Reserves

The world has proven reserves equivalent to 133.1 times its annual consumption. This means it has about 133 years of coal left (at current consumption levels and excluding unproven reserves).