Which of the following is not obtained from coal?

Which of the following is obtained from coal?

Answer: (4) Naphthalene balls

Coal tar also produces naphthalene balls used to resist insects and other insects. A bitumen petroleum product is used in place of coal tar to metallize the roads these days.

Which product is not obtained during coal processing?

Which of the following is not obtained from coal? (a) coke (b) coal tar (c) coal gas (d) CNG. CNG is not obtained from coal. CNG is a fuel which can be used in replacement of diesel, petrol & LPG (liquefied petroleum gas).

Which of the following is not obtained on destructive distillation of coal coal tar coal gas ammonia gas coke?

Explanation: Coke: As a fuel and as a reducing agent in steel manufacturing. Coke: As a fuel and as a reducing agent in steel manufacturing. Coal Gas: As a fuel in cooking food.

What is Coal tar used to manufacture?

Coal tar is widely used to manufacture paints, perfumes, synthetic dyes, photographic material, drugs and explosives.

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Which product is obtained by destructive distillation?

Coke, coal gas, gaseous carbon, coal tar, ammonia liquor, and coal oil are examples of commercial products historically produced by the destructive distillation of coal.

Which of the following is present in the coal gas?

Coal gas, gaseous mixture—mainly hydrogen, methane, and carbon monoxide—formed by the destructive distillation (i.e., heating in the absence of air) of bituminous coal and used as a fuel.

Which gas is obtained during the processing of coal?

When heated in air, coal burns and produces mainly carbon dioxide gas. Coal is processed in industry to get some useful products such as coke, coal tar and coal gas. It is a tough, porous and black substance. It is an almost pure form of carbon.

What are the 4 types of coal?

Coal is classified into four main types, or ranks: anthracite, bituminous, subbituminous, and lignite. The ranking depends on the types and amounts of carbon the coal contains and on the amount of heat energy the coal can produce.

What is the best type of coal in terms of purity?

The ranks of coal (from most to least carbon content) are as follows: anthracite, bituminous coal, sub-bituminous coal, and lignite. The coal with the highest carbon content is the best and cleanest type of coal to use.

What is the dirtiest type of coal?

The combustion of lignite produces less heat for the amount of carbon dioxide and sulfur released than other ranks of coal. As a result, environmental advocates have characterized lignite as the most harmful coal to human health.

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