Who can auction non coal mines in India?

Who gives mining license in India?

An application for grant of mining lease/reconnaissance permit/prospecting license shall be made to the State Government in Form 1/FormA/FormB respectively as per rule 22(1) of Mineral Concession Rule,1960.

Can we buy mine in India?

You would need heavy capital for purchasing or leasing different equipment, hiring experienced labor, build relevant infrastructures such as processing plants, energy plants, and transportation models. In India, it’s very difficult to acquire mining licenses without contacts at different government levels.

Can state govt auction non coal mines?

As per the new mining law — Mines and Minerals (Development and Regulation) Amendment Act, 2015 — which came into effect from January 2015, the non-coal mines have to be auctioned by the respective state governments. … Karantaka has auctioned total seven iron ore mines till date.

Who controls gold mines in India?


Mines State Owner
Hatti Gold Mines Karnataka Government of Karnataka
Kolar Gold Fields Karnataka Bharat Gold Mines Limited
Lava Gold Mines Jharkhand Manmohan Mineral Industries
Sonbhadra Mine Uttar Pradesh

How many gold mines are in India?


There were five reporting mines of gold ore in 2016-17.

Who grants permission for mining?

67 of 1957. The State Governments grant the mineral concessions for all the minerals located within the boundary of the State, under the provisions of the MMDR Act, 1957, and Mineral Concession Rules (MCR), 1960 framed thereunder.

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Can mining rights be transferred?

A mining right or prospecting right or any interest in such a right or a controlling interest (directly or indirectly) in a company that holds a mining or prospecting right may not be transferred, ceded, let, sublet, assigned, alienated or otherwise disposed of without the written consent of the minister.

How do you get a mine lease?

Applicant shall apply in the form prescribed in FORM B by duly paying a fee of Rs. 5000 as application fee, Rs. 500 as Survey charges and deposit amount of Rs. 10,000 per hectare.