Why is anthracite a color?

Is anthracite Colour black or grey?

Anthracite is a form of coal used to create energy and has a dark grey/near black chalky appearance. The colour Anthracite Grey is inspired by this and is a chic, contemporary colour that has a softer contrast when paired with the other colours, unlike the harsher contrasts that black and white creates.

Is anthracite grey or blue?

The genesis of the Anthracite color comes from the name of the precious variety of carbon. The rock is black, with a metallic gloss that is why its color seems to be black, but simultaneously it falls into gray. Simply speaking, it is a popular shade of gray that Anthracite doors adopted.

Is anthracite a light grey?

Anthracite is a deep gray, appearing almost black with a softer edge. … Grey shades, such as anthracite, have been a growing trend in homes.

Which is darker graphite or anthracite?

Graphite Grey is a lighter shade of grey than Anthracite Grey. It is more silvery than black with a premium appearance.

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