You asked: Will Anthracite windows date?

Are anthracite windows a fad?

Anthracite Grey windows and front doors are a fast-growing trend amongst UK homeowners with the stylish and refined hue looking impressive on both period and modern buildings.

Will grey windows suit my house?

Grey windows are also a practical choice, as they won’t discolour in the sun, and even painted grey frames won’t show dirt as much as white ones will. In a modern new-build, the rooms can be fairly boxy and featureless, so grey window frames are a good way to add character.

Should I get anthracite grey windows?

For a timeless look that will never fade out of fashion, Anthracite Grey is the best choice. It’s also very versatile – it can work in any room or style from traditional to contemporary and modern.

Why is anthracite grey so popular?

RAL 7016 also known as Anthracite Grey is a colour that is being seen more often from our customers. This colour is becoming so popular due to the big increase in aluminium doors and windows and anthracite grey has become one of the most popular requests.

Does white upvc fade?

There are lasting benefits, too – uPVC’s durability allows it to withstand the elements, so it won’t rot or fade, like wood, or corrode as aluminium does.

What colour goes with anthracite grey?

Anthracite pairs well with many colors since it is so dark, but works particularly well with other nuanced colors that are far from primary, secondary, or even tertiary. Anthracite also works with colors associated with metals and minerals and looks great with silver, gold, rose gold bronze and brass.

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Do grey windows fade?

This solid colour makes the windows highly resistant to fading. However, because they are coloured, noticeable fading will still occur over a period of fifteen to thirty years no matter their durability.