Your question: What happened to the coal on the Titanic?

Fire in coal bunker

What happened to the coal workers on the Titanic?

There were 73 trimmers aboard the coal-fed ocean liner RMS Titanic. During the sinking of the ship, these men disregarded their own safety and stayed below deck to help keep the steam-driven electric generators running for the water pumps and lighting. Only 20 trimmers were among those who survived.

How much is a piece of coal from the Titanic worth?

Before the movie opened, RMS Titanic Inc., the company that has been in the middle of repeated controversies over its salvaging of the Titanic, had been receiving about a dozen orders a week for pieces of coal from one of the Titanic’s boiler compartments. The coal sells for $10 per dime-to-quarter-size chunk.

Did any of the coal men survive Titanic?

Titanic Engineering Crew

163 – the number of Stokers – i.e. firemen (an estimated 45 survived). 73 – the number of Coal Trimmers (an estimated 20 survived). 33 – the number of Greasers (4 survived). 22 April 1914 – the date on which the Titanic Engineers’ Memorial was unveiled at Andrews Park in Southampton, England.

How many firemen survived Titanic?

Most of the firemen worked wearing only their undershirts and shorts. Of the firemen, only three leading firemen and around 45 other firemen survived.

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Did anyone from the boiler room Survive the Titanic?

Titanic was celebrated as the biggest, safest, most advanced ship of its age, but it was a lowly stoker in its boiler room who truly deserved the name ‘unsinkable’. John Priest survived no fewer than four ships that went to the bottom, including Titanic and its sister ship Britannic.

Did Titanic boilers explode?

In fact, boiler explosions were very rare and Titanic’s boilers are intact. The events mentioned by Lightoller may have been caused by huge amounts of incoming water driving air out of the ship through the ventilators.

How much is the Titanic worth?

High ValueWhen Premiere announced the auction, it cited a 2007 appraisal that estimated the value of its artifacts at $189 million. It has been speculated that the current auction will result in a total sales price in the neighborhood of $200 million.

Which Titanic officers survived?

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Charles Herbert Lightoller, DSC & Bar, RD, RNR (30 March 1874 – 8 December 1952) was a British naval officer and the second officer on board the RMS Titanic. He was the most senior member of the crew to survive the Titanic disaster.