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A simple and elegant design that uses well established and proven changes in fuel/air mixing intensity to provide flame control. The KFS designs avoid the complex mechanical adjustment mechanisms which are essential in the standard burner one-size-fits-all approach and avoids potential for local operations or maintenance to adjust incorrectly.


The primary air is split between axial air, for flame length and heat flux control, and swirl air for flame anchoring. A highly efficient aerodynamic swirler provides excellent flame stability. Each OptiMix™ burner is supplied with an integral pilot, including the extremely reliable natural gas or propane model.


The simplicity of the OptiMix™ design ensures that consistent performance is available over the lifetime of the burner.


The OptiMix™ range is custom-designed for firing all fuel types, either individually or in combination.


OptiMix™ G

For a wide range of gaseous fuels. Dual gas discharge locations ensure fine control on gas firing applications and turndown of over 20:1 ensuring the burner can be used in cold starts for refractory curing.


OptiMix™ L

For conventional liquid fuels, such as #2 to #6 oils and including waste and re-refined oils. Using the proprietary CM atomiser offers at least 8:1 turndown using either steam or air atomisation. The PJ atomiser is specific for pressure jet applications. For alternative liquid fuels KFS offer the WS Atomiser with air/steam-assist atomisation.


OptiMix™ S

For pulverised coal and petcoke. Already a world leader in the pulp and paper industry where KFS have burners firing natural gas, petcoke, methanol, and turpentine simultaneously. OptiMix™ S can also be designed to accommodate all types of solid alternative fuels such as lignin.


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