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Focused particularly in the lime and cement industries, this advanced burner technology provides a straightforward retrofit to upgrade the performance of direct-fired systems or straight-pipe burners.

Developed using CFD Modelling, the DFN (direct-fired nozzle) burner has been proven across many projects to provide outstanding improvements in areas such as production, fuel consumption, NOx emissions, and ash ring formation.

Each DFN burner is custom-designed for the kiln both in terms of process performance and mechanical installation. High levels of performance are provided by careful use of bluff-body and swirl techniques to enhance fuel/air mixing combined with far greater flexibility than traditional straight-pipe.

The DFN burner can be provided in a number of variants to suit specific customer requirements or applications:

  • DFN nozzle for simple retrofit for solid fuel firing, including alternative fuels such as lignin.
  • DFN with integrated warm-up burner for all types of gas and liquid fuels. Ignition systems can be provided using a gas pilot or high-energy igniter, and fully-automated ignition can be achieved through use of insertion and withdrawal mechanisms.
  • DFN with semi-direct firing for enhanced system flexibility and NOx reduction. KFS can provide full process design and equipment specification for conversion to semi-direct firing with a number of system variants available to suit each customer application burners. 



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