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The KFS warm-up combustion system provides a safe and effective method to heat a rotary kiln from cold start through to main fuel firing. The KFS system is ideal for existing rotary kiln operations based on straight pipe burner technology.  

A key to a safe kiln warm-up is the ability to provide a stable flame for an effective and controlled heat release profile. The KFS HeatSafe Burner (HSB) design is based on the proven KFS OptiMix™ integrated kiln burner design operating in over 100 rotary kilns.

The HSB can be gas or oil fired and incorporates a dependable source of ignition with a proprietary design fuel nozzle and high efficiency air swirler to provide easy light-off and a stable flame under variable kiln conditions.

The burner can be mounted using a mono-rail, trolley or rollers, with motorised insertion/retraction available for most options.

Supporting the burner’s dependable flame stability are the associated fuel and primary air systems. Supervision of start-up, shutdown and operation of the HSB burner is provided by a Burner Managements System (BMS), which is fully compliant with the latest applicable standards. 


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